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mike's drum rental & more.

From a drummer to drummers.

Mike hurley's drum rental company is for pro drummers from a pro drummer. I've worked in the business for over 35 years, both as a drummer playing on stage, and as a drum tech behind the scenes. Also set up and breakdown of all stage equipment. When you have a pro gig in orlando, call me, Together we will put together a kit to fit your needs. Email: rockstarmustang4@gmail.com Phone: 407-202-1050

This drum rental company is for pro drummers

Call mike hurley, owner of mike's drum rental &  more, and we will put together a kit to fit your stage and studio needs.Also drum lessions for beginner and intermiiate drummers. I am a small but growing company with 9 full drum kits to rent. DW, pdp,gretsch, Ludwig, Yamaha, and a one of a kind,Cory Miller ''tattoo'' Ludwig kit. Check out all 9 kits in my photo's... Your choice of zildjian acustom cymbals, sabian aax cymbals or paiste 2002 cymbals. Most pro drummers bring their own cymbals, snare and pedals. They usually only need a kit with hardware. But if you need a full kit, mike's drum rental and more are here for you. I can put together a small kit to large. Including an 18" floor tom. Drum rental prices vary depending on kit, sizes and location of gig. my standard fee for a full kit with cymbals is $300.00 per day. Payment via paypal is required in full at the time ordering. Prices vary so when we come up with a price you will just go to my paypal account and make payment agreed upon. Please make payments to: paypal.me/MHurley629.  Email: rockstarmustang4@gmail.com Phone: 407-202-1050                          

Drum rental company for pro drummers.

I rent only in the orlando area, conventions, hotels, pro events only! I don't rent to local small type club gigs or house parties.''EQUIPMENT LIST'';  ''Drum sizes and cymbal sizes are. DW-KIT;Ruby red glass-color. 10'', 12'', 14''-toms, 16'' floor tom.''with optional 18''design series floor tom. 5x14'' snare.18x22'' bass drum. with optional 6x14'' performance series snare drum. 2-decobons 6x10'' & 6x12'' ''Hardware; remo clear heads. standard remo snare head. 34 bar pro-chimes. diablo cowbell. DW-7000 double pedals. DW- 5000 hi-hat stand. pdp cymbal stands. gibralter rack or DW-double tom stands. ''NEXT''. pdp-kit: red. 10'', 12'' toms. 14'', 16'' floor toms. Hardware. pdp drum throne. pdp double pedals. pdp hi-hat stand. pdp cymbal stands. evans ec2 level 360 heads. remo standard snare drum head... ''next''. Cory miller ''tatoo'' Ludwig kit. 14'' snare. 12'' tom. 16'' floor tom. 22x22'' deep bass drum. Hardware''. Ludwig atlas double pedals. pdp-hi-hat stand. pdp-cymbal stands. mapex drum throne. evans ec2 level 360 heads. remo standard snare drum head. Gretsch jazz kit: 5x14'' snare, 12'' tom, 14'' floor tom, and 14x18'' bass drum or 16x20'' bass drum. Total of 9 kits. Dw, pdp, Yamaha, Ludwig, gretsch... Cymbal list;- Paiste 2002. 10'' splash. 14'' heavy hi-hats. 16'', 18'', 20'' crash. 20'' power crash. ''rare'' 22'' crash. 22'' power ride. 20'' china.;'' ZILDJIAN- A-custom. 10'' spash. 14'' avedis new beat hi-hats. 16'', 18'', 20'' crash. 20'' medium ride. ''extra zildjian Z-custom- 20'' medium crash. 20'' power ride. SABIAN aax series. 14'' stage hi-hats', 16'', 18'' x-plosion crash.20'' metal crash. 20'' stage ride... Email:rockstarmustang4@gmail.com Phone: 407-202-1050